Que. Is an investment in farmland right for me?  

Ans. Farmland has been proven to be the right investment for high net worth investors, institutions, and farm operators for generations. An investment in farmland adds great diversification to a portfolio, has little correlation to stock and bond markets, and has a track record of providing steadily increasing current income and asset appreciation.

Que. What are the risks of investing in farmland?  

Ans. Like all things an investment in farmland does carry risk. Changing commodity markets, climate change, interest rates, geopolitical risk, and soil degradation are some of the risks that could affect an investment in farmland. The key is risk management, having a professional on your side while acquiring and later managing your farmland investment is essential.

Que. How do I find a farm?  

Ans. The typical farm does not change hands for decades and often deals are made quietly without the public’s knowledge. Working with a professional at Emerald Land Company will assure you have access to a wide variety of potential farm investments; our professionals scour the countryside for investment opportunities every day.